Black Gowned Spector

That dark curtain, What is behind it? Shall we peak? What should we discover? Will it be? What we think it was? For the dark curtain draws back, Revealing it’s secrets dressed in black, Black gowned Spector rises.

Adventure: Part 4

THE QUESTION “He ends with a question for another day, another hour, who do you believe the least important person is in your universe, why?” (Excerpt from Part 3 by Gasps and whispers rose from the circle. Strangers turning to each other and saying, ‘well I don’t know,’ some exclaimed people from past relationships,…

A Thoughtful Dad Joke

I think it better to die in obscurity than it is fame. If one dies in fame then there are so many more chances to leave behind unfinished business. In fact I think that’s the number one reason why Hollywood does so many of these horror flicks see. Most of them are so obscured by…


Witness the white sheet floating by, Signifying the start of this Hallowed Eve, Carmel apple smells, And trick or treat shouts, Echo through the valley, As white sheets float by.