Far Away Sky

Today, beneath the sun,

My brother, my sister,

Sit and twist this message,

Split it in two,

Share it like a forbidden secret,

On the airwaves,

Silent in the night,

Beneath the moon, as the werewolves howl,

Today, beneath the moon,

We dance, we swerve, we sway,

Under her majestic moon waves,

The airwaves full of fun and laughter,

Together we enjoy mirth and gayness,

Together intertwined on the vines of life,

As dawn hits with golden splendor,

Lighting all in its path with its holy light,

Lifting spirits from their graves,

Dancing them onward among the afterlives,

Our spirits aflare with joy,

Seeing our ancestors dance away,

Into the early morning hours,

As life and caffeine awaken our dreams,

Escorted about on our daily lives,

Under our lord the sun,

And shadow of our mistress moon,

And our lord time clocks the time away,

Drifting through lunch and dinner,

Until dusk fades her way beneath our shadowy blanket,

Alighting our sky with her early stars,

Buds of life in far away sky’s.

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