Far Away Sky

Today, beneath the sun, My brother, my sister, Sit and twist this message, Split it in two, Share it like a forbidden secret, On the airwaves, Silent in the night, Beneath the moon, as the werewolves howl, Today, beneath the moon, We dance, we swerve, we sway, Under her majestic moon waves, The airwaves full…


Sun drops fill our cup, Give us this day your bread, Shine on us your life giving light, Making sweat drop from our forehead, Our flour and tinder, All come from your tender love, Giving us dropplettes of light, To shine through our darkest hours.


Star light settles, Twinkling above, fireflies of the heavens, Gracious, magnificent beauty, Gauging human kind’s ability. Dull clouds move across the sky, Blocking galactic light, Lightening flashes across blue black sky, Filling the night with echo’s of fright, Twisting and turning the winds come burning, Through the raging tempest that’s squalling, Rain bursting through air,…


Star filled night, Encapsulate me in your dull glow Fill me with enticipation For the suns morning blow When light fills the air Glittering off morning dew Filling the breeze with your sweet delight Casting off light Shedding your star filled blanket To visit us Departing your life giving light