Sat down one night to Discuss,

The insomniac brain Discouraged,

From the Disgust,

Of Devising,

This Divine,

Poem of Destiny,

In this Densely,

Populated and Dramatic,

Population of the Drastic,

Totally, Droopy,

Down in the Dumps,

Over the long lost Dunes,

On the sandy coast of Djibouti,

Among the long lost June Days,

Watching early Dawn,

Bash and Devastate,

The hungry Duppy,

That is Humpy-Dumpty,

In a country gone down the Drain.

(I am not bashing the country of Djibouti, in fact I have great respect for their resilient people. I have visited with the people, worked with the orphans, helped the refuges, built infrastructure and relations with the people of the country in my past. I hold them in high regard. I was deployed here during war time.)

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