Wading waste deep,

Looking out over vast expanse,

Water forever as far as the eye sees,

Vast seas to explore,

For the vast eternity before me,

The depths to the air,

All for me,

Mine, a land made for me,

Out of thin air it came to be,

A place for me to be and be me,

Be free, be the true individual,

I am and that I have become to be,

Imagined from dust,

In the air I am,

Here I am,

Placed by the hand of goddess,

The beauty that shines her light in me,

My soul a beacon,

For her unimaginable beauty,

For she made me,

In her image I am,

The one, the man,

Her diamond in the eye,

The one she sees,

For the true me,

That I am made to be,

For her and I to couple in union,

And be forever in her eternity,

Dancing on time,

Forever vast,

That sea, that ocean, that mighty expanse.

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