World Tree

Grown up, many directions,

Practicing digression, pushed into decisions,

Needless violence, harassing words,

Destiny in the back ground,

Visions of the future haunting me,

Pushing through hazy rooms,

Hotboxing all the whips,

Blue lights flashing up the mirror,

Colors whipping across the mirror,

Dropping King down rabbit hole,

Eating shrooms like Alice,

Growing 10 by 10,

Counting out them Benjamins,

Raining dollar bills,

Paying all my bills,

Jotting maze like words,

The path keeps on twisting,

Sitting in trees, K-I-S-S-I-N-G—ing,

Playing on Pan’s island,

Eternal youth, pirate gold,

Smee bring me a gold leaf sandwhich,

While I fulfill all my childhood dreams,

Launching myself into the clouds,

Flying on the high thoughts of my mind,

Drifting along, stratosphere hitting my thoughts,

Breath fades, falling from the sky,

Splish splash, hitting water, hard and fast,

Mermaid tale hitting ocean wave,

Fluttering through the bubbly haze,

Carrying me to shore,

Breathing life into me,

First kiss, heart flutter,

Butterflies release, adult dreams take hold,

Rings encircling me,

My Pan like world crumbling,

Eternal life, business of greed and hate,

Destruction all in my sight,

Fear loosing my grip on love,

Faltering into childhood,

Trapped in Pan’s world,

Breaking through to Thor,

Joining his army,

Fighting for Valhala,

Mighty Valkyrie,

Flying high above the storm,

The Universe striking out,

Lightening storm flashing across empty sky,

Love a past dream,

Riding on the waves of life,

Under the branches of the World Tree.

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