Fir Tree Forest

Fir tree forests surround us, Tonight the snow falls, All around us, Tall and true stands Clause, His beard and red jacket, Contrasting the white sheet pouring down around us, On this snowy Christmas Eve, Laughs and ho ho ho’s echo out, Ringing Fir trees sing aloud, Cheer and happiness abound, Santa Clause has completed…

World Tree

Grown up, many directions, Practicing digression, pushed into decisions, Needless violence, harassing words, Destiny in the back ground, Visions of the future haunting me, Pushing through hazy rooms, Hotboxing all the whips, Blue lights flashing up the mirror, Colors whipping across the mirror, Dropping King down rabbit hole, Eating shrooms like Alice, Growing 10 by…

Be Ye So Bold?

To she, my beloved May, Whose hand I hold, Beloved, be ye so bold? As to give me this May day, Your cherry colored ribbon, Your strawberry flavored lips, Your ripened fruit, To forever color my bed, Lain and fed, Cuddling as we head to bed, Oh my beloved, Be ye so bold?


Two memories shine out among the numerous religious experiences I have had. One time at a resort they held a pagan gathering. I was always on the outside, but my intrest peaked. I walked past their worship tent around eleven P.M. and felt the exileration they felt as they pounded on drums, sang, & danced….