Two memories shine out among the numerous religious experiences I have had. One time at a resort they held a pagan gathering. I was always on the outside, but my intrest peaked. I walked past their worship tent around eleven P.M. and felt the exileration they felt as they pounded on drums, sang, & danced. The feeling electrified my soul.

Second, a friend invited me to a drum circle at one of the many pagan shops in the area. There the drums beat and the shock wave of each beat hit the heart. The dancing and memorization that took place in my soul overwhelmed me. Inside I felt alive on an ocean, crashing with each wave.

It opened my eyes beyond the narrow vision of one being ruling the universe. I do not mean to offend anyone’s liberties, I only express what I believe. Please believe as you will. I still find faith in Christianity, but I feel open to the possibilities that god(s)/goddess(s) come to give us all a personal journey towards our final destination. Nor do I believe things are inherently good or evil, but are dualistic, more gray than evil or good, rather morals and ethics.

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