A True Life Experience

Mid-80’s Summer, hot sun beamed day, Cool mountain breeze, on Putney Mountains peak, Soft whisper of branches waving to me, Little boy of no more than five, The forest calling to me, Enchanting voice filling me with promises, The red apple of delight, The sweet nectar for me to suckle, As it drew me into…

Military Career Moral Booster

It is amazing how the little & big things change your life over time. What once may have been a battle is a notch well done and things I have overlooked or pushed down come back and haunt me. Walls built up are torn down in seconds from a flash of memory, sound bite, photo,…


(This is a work of art about Death) The silence beckons, The grave strives, Death works his magic touch, Barge of life awaits, Tickets sold to Death Gate, Down the river wading in bone and gore, Awaiting Deaths encore. (This is a work of art about Death)


Two memories shine out among the numerous religious experiences I have had. One time at a resort they held a pagan gathering. I was always on the outside, but my intrest peaked. I walked past their worship tent around eleven P.M. and felt the exileration they felt as they pounded on drums, sang, & danced….