Request or Blasphemy?

Would you pray to God to see an Angel in your lifetime? What consequences would such an encounter incure? What mission would that set your life on? What path would you need to lead in order to meet an Angel? Would you have the stamina to see such a path through to the end? Since…

Your Word Against You

Buried, lost behind a wall of dirt and slime, Encroached, on Gods own time, What, is where we are going, Why, is when we were, How, is just because, Devil, trapped on his own dime, Evidence, twisted words and blurred, Help, not on your word.

Imperfection of Sinful Bells

Bells ring and you make them take me down, Perfect imperfection dripping down, Water fall of golden rain, Washed of my sin, In basin of indiscretion and callous cold, Love me because your bold, Sins and all, Dressed for our wedding ball.


Entwined in eternal flame, Our soul dos’t wed, Thee O’ Great Spirit, Entwined in eteranal flame, We passionately entwine, My soul and Thine Great Eteranal Being, Your love Entwines me, As my praise lifts Thee upward, Great passionite throws of eteranal agony, For entwined are we, As Your blood poured out for me, What great…


Two memories shine out among the numerous religious experiences I have had. One time at a resort they held a pagan gathering. I was always on the outside, but my intrest peaked. I walked past their worship tent around eleven P.M. and felt the exileration they felt as they pounded on drums, sang, & danced….


Stones unturned lay scattered around, As the two walk through the desert, Hungry and exhausted, The sun bearing down, Wishing for some bread to eat, Temptation awaiting in the heat, A Devil’s whisper, “You only need to use your power.” A holy answer, “Be gone from me.”


(Johnny Boy is a poem about a higher power providing for it’s creation. Though religious, it is about each person’s higher power or lack of one.) Down from heaven floated the tiny seed, It landed on the palm of my hand, Taking it between my fingers I held it to my eye, It looked so…