(Johnny Boy is a poem about a higher power providing for it’s creation. Though religious, it is about each person’s higher power or lack of one.)

Down from heaven floated the tiny seed,

It landed on the palm of my hand,

Taking it between my fingers I held it to my eye,

It looked so fragile and innocent,

Green as the grass with a brown stripe down the center,

It was rubbery to the touch.

Then a voice called out,

“Johnny Boy,”

I looked around surprised to find myself alone,

“Johnny Boy,”

Startled I realized the voice came from the seed,

“What are you?” I asked, my voice disturbed

“I’m god Johnny Boy”

“God?  I thought God sat on a throne?”

“Johnny Boy, the world has changed and so have I,”

“God’s unchanging, how do I know your not a demon?”

“Johnny Boy, search your heart, look at how people worship today,”

“What about it, they sit in churches?”

“Johnny Boy, people today take their beliefs beyond the walls of a building,”

“That still doesn’t answer if your a demon or not,”

“Johnny Boy, why is it important for you to question the voice of god?”

“I was taught not to accept the teachings of false prophets and that the anti christ -“

“Would take on my form, Johnny Boy?”

“Yes, and would lead many of us astray”

“Search your heart Johnny Boy, how many people in scripture accepted in faith I am who I am?”

“Not everyone, some questioned, some asked for signs,”

“What signs did I give Johnny Boy?”

“None, you asked for faith,” now I really racked my brain to think of an example to argue,

“Johnny Boy, I came to ask you to plant me in the ground so I can grow here with my people,”

“But your everywhere, why do you need to be in the ground?”

“Johnny Boy must you question everything?”

“I’m sorry, it’s a lot to take in, of course I’ll plant you in the ground,”

“In time you will understand Johnny Boy, I want to be with my people, I want to shade them,”

“You want to provide for them you mean?”

“Yes Johnny Boy, with my branches I can provide eternal food and shade for all my creation,”

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