Oh Denila, my beautiful Denila,

I reach out and touch your cheek,

So beautiful, I dare to touch you,

That I may comprehend your beauty,

Here you stand, oh Denila,

In front of me your love,

How am I so lucky,

How am I so worthy,

How I am humbled by you,

My Denila, my ten, my beautiful hen,

You made me your rooster,

Proud I stand next to your side,

My beautiful Denila,

Oh Denila, how much you mean to my heart,

My heart thumps for you,

Beat after beat, pump after pump,

Each one cherishing your love,

Carrying it to the ends of my body and back,

Each time a rush,

As my heart beats for you,

Oh, my beautiful Denila,

Your step leaves roses behind in your wake,

The birds leap to your shoulders and sing for you,

Your dark long hair weaving a trail in the wind,

Flowery and sweet, like you Denila,

How pure your heart is,

My dream woman,

A woman of creativity and charity,

Her sweet touch beautifies everything,

Her voice soft and caressing,

Oh my beautiful Denila,

How lucky I am to be with you,

How much I cherish you,

My sweet Denila.

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