Mr. Diamond

I walk around,

Diamond chin held high,

As I duck low,

Dodging blow after blow,

Taking 1, 2, 3 to the chin,

Staggering, seeing stars,

Round house punch,

Quick as a bee,

Stricking harder than a butterfly,

Nagging gnat him,

Taking bite after bite.

I walk around this house,

Pride that its all mine,

Victor in this American race,

Driving in subburbia,

On top of the world,

Singing my victory aloud,

I’m a man of many souls,

Many holds belong to me,

I am the victor in victory.

Bow down, worship at gods feet,

While I take communion before the priest,

One on one with God,

Eating with and serving Him,

The One responsible,

For all our treasures,

Our blessings, our dimes,

Eating, wining and dining,

Talking into the night,

One on one, Father to son,

Son of God joining in,

Showing scar given for sin,

My sin, your sin,

All around sin,

Forgiven and taken down,

Down to the pit,

Pit of hell, even,

For all of us,

In victory to live,

Victor in victory, we are.

You and I,

They and Them,

All of us, around and around,

We go again,

Dancing into the twighlight of,

Eternity on the balance beam of right,

Truth, twisting with lies,

Weave Keeper the Master of Dark n Light,

Keeping everything straight,

In this messed up galaxy,

You and I, live in.

One, two, three, punch up,

Punch down,

Bring a friend,

Knock him over with a blow of the wind,

Weak jaw, Diamond indeed,

Fell like a twig,

Sprig of grass on the wind,

Knocked out for his own good,

No more fight left,

Championship lost.

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