Lone Isle

Taking it step by step,

Walking brick to brick,

Rain pouring down,

Drenched to the bone,

Walking all alone,

Looking back at all the shipwrecks,

The waves crashing against rocky shore,

Only survivor of countless tragedies,

Cursed and wandering alone,

On lonely shores,

As gull and crab pick over the discards,

Sailors heart torn,

No longer on the sleeve,

Hanging by a thread,

Dragging in the sand,

Salty tears mixed with sweet sweet rum,

Drowning sorrows and saddness,

Into the dark dim night,

Blinded by anger at the loss,

Bound to silence in loneliness,

Walking forever the lonely shore,

Where all ended,

As ship crashed again,

Wreckage strewn about,

Crew member, dismember and torn,

Thrown from Stern to Bow,

As Starboard merged with Port,

Crushing the sweet port below,

A beverage the sailor seeks,

AS he digs and digs,

Forever a ghost on lonely shore,

Haunting the island,

The lonely island,

Of his tragic story.

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