Taking time, from the clock,

Moving forwards, smothering lotion,

Slip n sliding up and down,

Ticking the tock, while the clock locks,

Intergalactic light travel,

Unraveling the clocks motion,

Traveling down worm hole after worm hole,

All the while aging me,

Like every unbirthday I’m fed,

Disturbed in the head,

Click, clock, Tick, Tock,

What the heck,

Huck and Huckleberry,

Sliding through every Saturday morning cartoon,

Hands hitting minutes,

Like Stooges face,

Striking the smile off clock face,

Falling down and crashing,

Mirror breaking over and over,

Ultimate time loop,

Stuck in Groundhog day,

Praying to every Fae,

Bended knee, beard grown like Rip Van Winkle,

Switching the pen like Washington Irving,

Swerving through everyday,

Clock chasing us forward,

Beards and wife chasing us,

Dodging times rolling pins,

Can’t run faster, sprinting for all our lives,

Till we hit the end,

Gravestones standing above us, Ebenezer,

Each story ends, Time victor,

Clicking its clock over our skeletons,

Focusing on nothing,

From nothing it came,

To nothing it returns,

Click, Clock, Tick, Tock,

Kicking the bucket,

Full of life like dust,

Till life respawns,

On the wheel it turns,

Like Robert Jordan’s dreams,

Holding each of us, a character on page,

Penned and scored,

Given life, only to be taken back,

As life turns on each click,

Taking that tick, to the tock,

Out of the clock,

As it turns and turns,

No time to waste, going to be late,

Little white rabbit running through hole after hole,

Followed by Alice and her heart,

Oh wait, was it her head,

Take her head, queen of hearts,

Dropping axe on each tick,

Clocks turning forwards.


“Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving;

‘”The Three Stooges” by The Benjamins;

“Groundhog Day” by Music Theatre Internal (MTI);

“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens;

“Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carrol;

“The Wheel of Time Series” by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

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