What’s Good For Ya One Moment…

Sitting tight, sitting right,

Looking left, looking up,

Starlight drifts, headlights beam,

Taking over the sky drifting scene,

Lightsabers, blasters, fast cars,

Street lights buzzing,

Lazy hood, drifting through smoke dreams,

Lazy dreams, tons of cash,

Tons of grass, tons of buzz,

Grow up, fast times,

Grow up, new scenes,

Can’t lie about where I been,

Record mile long following my twin,

Hold up, leave that shit behind,

Living clean, fighting clean,

Cut above the eye and still fighting lean,

Nightlife ain’t what it used to be,

Sadness everywhere, depression caressing everyone’s eye,

Tears in our drinks,

Slipping needles to surpass our fears,

What are we going to do,

Facing life in this atmosphere,

Know what’s good for ya one moment,

Destroying ya life the next.

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