Man in a Hat

Trapped, boost up that radio mix,

Tap that hammer in time,

Smith out that ryhme little rapper,

Unfold that golden wrap,

Pocket that ticket,

Take flight to the school of fame,

Famous Chocolatier,

You stand a tier above the rest,

Your fame as fabulous as your headdress,

Top hat, skippen tips,

For burstin out kitkats,

Like ace’s of spades,

Flippen them in rhythm,

Pay attention as the rhyme passes you by,

Eye candy unable to ascertain,

The creative brilliance of my words,

Mixed, hitting track after track,

Track suit, pressed and washed,

Sitting at the track,

Playing cards with thugs and Bioligands,

Money passing hands,

One dirty, the other twice so,

Wealth corrupting fancy faced courier,

Woke up on a crew carrier,

Rifle in hand, smoke blowing in the air,

Creeping up on sleeping enemy,

Cutting off their air,

Ahead in the distant trip,

A man, cap in hand,

Spitting KitKat, gobstoppers in hand,



You seeing this kids?

A man romping around battlefield,

Skipping and running,

From his life that he keeps on hiding.

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