TRAPPED, but letting go.

The truth hurts deep inside,

I let you walk all over me,

I let you take our kids away from me,

My life hurts,

I can only imagine how much you hurt,

I can only imagine how your heart burns,

to reek revenge on me,

For how I hurt you,

Everyone see’s but you,

The dagger you buried in my heart,

The damage you have done to me,

I try to escape it,

I can’t run from it,

It chases me in my dreams,

I can’t let it or you go,

It’s curse has a grip on me,

Regret and repeated thought,

Traps me in this crystal bubble,

If it breaks I’ll fall,

If it breaks my world will crumble,

Nothing wrong with that,

I have to let this go,

It is killing my soul,

I love this world were in,

I want to experience with a smile,

I have to let this go,

Or be trapped in your revenge forever.

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