TRAPPED, but letting go.

The truth hurts deep inside, I let you walk all over me, I let you take our kids away from me, My life hurts, I can only imagine how much you hurt, I can only imagine how your heart burns, to reek revenge on me, For how I hurt you, Everyone see’s but you, The…


Sad heart stirs on open flame Cooking down sad daily pain Flares of sparks rise up in hope Extinguished by sad tears


Dragging demons from, Deep within your jagged cave, Invisible, cures, that jade you, Wondering demons creep from deep within, Light shining bright, Dulled by dark skies, Every waking hour, Sleep deprived soul, You, beautiful soul, Oh, what ever shall you do, Run, jagged rock cut deep, Bleeding soul, heart cut deep, Far beyond the hills,…

Tear Stained

Undeserved pain hits high walls, Jumping, scraping to escape, Dirt under nails, tear stained cheeks, Straining, yearning to be free, Hitting me in the gut, And screaming at me, Pain escaping with every breath, Only to hit the wall in mid flight.