Open up my heart,

Vulnerable, easily knocked down like dominos,

Clip, clack, falling on the table,

Open book, passive to your strategic movements,

Enamored by your beauty,

Opening up my heart,

Eyes, examining me head to toe,

Feeling vulnerable as your love washes over me,

Defensive and sarcastic,

Deflecting your compliments,

Inside feeling special, but unsure,

Feelings, unusual insulating my heart,

Burning inside like a commercial broiler,

Steaming my heart,

Broiling inside with love that I’m unsure how to express,

Trying to give into those feelings of love,

Hitting a low-esteem wall every time,

Feeling devoid, but loved at the time.

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  1. Deflecting your compliments,

    Yeah… accepting compliments can be one of the hardest things to do… I feel you, Eric.


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