Look at us,

Drenched, wet to the bone,

Hair hanging, witches dew,

Smelling like the old hags brew,

No bus, taxi,

To take us out of this ungodly swamp,

Lost to the world,

Deep down country roads,

Asphalt and lights far behind,

Now deep in no mans land,

Don’t let the hag catch us,

Her hands frozen with evil wrath,

Running, escape in sight,

Chanting, flashing light,

Falling slowly, leaves crunch near us,

Nothing is there, then suddenly,

leaping on us from unseen planes,

Her claws reach for our throats,

Paralyzed in fear, we try to scream,

Our throats clogged, gasping for air,

Take us away from here, our lonely prayers,

Silently screamed behind fear expressions,

Crawling backwards, brush falls around us,

Revealing sunlight, like God’s glory,

Falling on our enemy, her agony screams

moving further away, as she runs from reality.

Saved to live another day,

Falling to our Savior’s feet,

Worshiping Him into eternity.

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