Poems Recently Written

“A Hero Falls”

Once on a hill,

there stood a tree,

falling leaves surround the sky,

as darkness caresses the background.  

Stars peep through the misty sky while witches fly free.

Magic spells cast through shadow

Forged in water

Cooled in fyre

While earth grows bold

And air circles them all

Giving life to the creatures within the cauldron

Molded from hairy clay

Into bundles of bulging carrion eaters

Out for eyes and tongues

Speech wanes in the air

As they draw close

Fear rises from the ground

Up to the temple

Shaking the foundations

Holy water flows forth from the font

As it shatters upon the floor

Blood fills the lonely gauntlet

As mold envelopes the cracker

Lifeless forms scattered across the pulpit

Drawn down towards the hellish fire pits

Calling forth for bloody revenge


Up rises the hero

Club in hand

Spell pouch at side

Down will he go

To free the souls which he dreams are tormented so

“How much is the fare”

He hands Death 30 silver shekels

The cost of betrayal

And a tip of a penny for luck

Slowly they glide to the gaping gate

Gargoyle’s perch hoping for gain

But are dismayed as they are shooed away to Death’s side

“Let him be, he’s a fool and will be mine”

Death whispers to his demonic fiends

The hero lifts his sword in salute

And glides down the rigid hole


At the bottom to his dismay

Lay the souls of his query

Exhausted of life

Empty husks of mist and goo

Revenge fills his eyes

That fire rages red

A roar heard to the depths of Hell

Nothing quivers for they think him a fool

As laughter reverberates back to him from the heat filled depths

Onward ho

Nowhere else to go

On past the sinners and torturers

He ventures further down the deadly steps

Catching a glimpse of his target

A huge horned figure

Shining tickling black

The kind of color that makes the mind swirl


Dragging his sword across ashen ground

Purple sparks bite at the air

His armor pitted from bitter acid

Helmet smashed from falling against slippery ground

Shield bent from breaking fall

He closes in

Smelling the sulfur wafe off this demonic character

He strikes

But his target is a mirage

Behind him a below marches through the air

A claw rips into him

Tearing limb from limb

The hero bites the ground

As the dust fills his lungs

A last breath to fill his vision full of frightful kind.


“Get Crunk”

Jump up and get crunk

Hold up one jot

You just got got


Go go like a hillbilly

Take a look billy

You just ran over a billy goat


Trucks like a villain

Sitting in a walmart parking lot

Drinken potin


Can’t find a dollar

To fit your blue collar

Job that you sweat at


Take a hand out

Just to be brought down

And dropped out


Left on the side of the road

To hitchhike up route 68

Just to learn you got to sleep in the cold


Used to call Hollywood home

Now a cardboard box is all you own

Walked on, got crunk,


“Because I’m High”

Smoke pipe out, lit like chi & chong

Take a hit out that bong

Smoke it like you hitting it, Dumbledore deep

Getting stoned like your sieging the keep

Hit that ki—lo

Like your on the lo lo

Can’t stay sober to help myself out the ditch

I used to be able to pitch

Like a major league star

Rhyming out these syllables on tour

Undertaker measuring me out

Because I’m on everyone’s hit list, ain’t got

No clout, ain’t even on top no mo’

Behind bars avoiding da slo-mo,

Mo–tion, dance dat them boys do

I’m like who

Can’t keep them names straight

It all flies by like a shooting star in the night


Leave me be

Let me be

High and up in the sky

Floating by like time ain’t a thing, because I’m H—-i—-g—-h


Hit that bong and light it up

Tell me to shut up

And be prepared to be lame

Because you ain’t got the game

To mess me with me fool

I’ll drop your corpse in da pool

Wrapped up in dat sheet

Floating by like skeet

All up in my sight

Take aim and end your lights

Don’t even try to change me

Coming up on me

Like you know a thing about what my life is like

It’s much like ‘ike and ike’s’

Colorful and bright

Shining like a light

In the night

Revealing all my might.


Leave me be

Let me be

High and up in the sky

Floating by like time aint a thing, because I’m H—-i—-g—-h


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