A Circle of Dreams

There I sat alone atop a hill,

Below in the valley of memories stood turmoil,

I turned around and beheld a blank canvas,

Looking beside me a bucket of paint and a single brush appeared,

Stroke after stroke I painted my dreams,

Envisioning a life full of communication and happiness,

Friendships budded and faded,

Relationships grew into saplings,

Growing into a family of trees,

As I pass down my legacy of dreams,

To mold and shape into the dreams of my children,

Passed down from generation to generation,

Growing a community of life and love,

Where they strive and fight for their long sought dreams,

For legacy is to me the greatest dream of all,

The dreams that grow with time,

Wither with change,

While change sprouts new branches,

To change our futures,

For together in community we grow,

With family we thrive,

In relationships we love,

While in life we strive to come together,

Completing our circle in this life.

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