Down by the spring she bent her head,

Drinking deep of the crystal water,

Fed from mountain springs,

Deep bellow the holy mountains,

Rising and glancing around,

She arcs her beautiful lochs,

Shroud of brown hair falling over,

her bare chest,

Around her curvy belly,

Acting as a fair dressing gown,

Softly stepping from mossy stone to mossy stone,

Tip toeing she leaves little waves,

Running over the top of the crystal water,

Gold sunlight falling over her,

Showering her in golden glow,

Non burning fire rises from her palms,

Playing with the fire sprite,

Giggles echo between the trees,

Spruces, oaks, maple, and birch,

Shake their leaves in harmony with her laughter,

Nymphs peaking out their wooden windows,

Down below at their dearest friend,

Laughing and dancing wild and free,

The larks flying overhead,

Singing to her,

While daisies and clover grew fast around her toes,

Tickling her, tantalizing her, while fawning over her,

Sitting on a small boulder,

Reaching down she plays with every animal,

Fascinated with the movements of the earth,

Wind blows through the glade,

Catching her attention,

As the song of nature calls her forth,

Arching her back,

Wings of silvery feathers sprout,

Angelic halo gilding her head,

Beauty radiating out,

Shooting into the air,

Shouting with all her might,

Wake up, wake up, dawn is near.

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