Santa’s Crystal Ball

Hefty belly is all I see,

Climbing from roof to roof,

Swinging bags of mystery,

There he goes, poof,

Little red hat,

White cotton ball,

As microphone reciever,

Contacting ELF every hour,

Everlasting Lodge of Fandom,

Santa’s longest believers,

As they age,

He sees them,

Views what makes them tick,

Watching careers scroll by,

Some even used to write,

On papyrus scroll,

His hefty belly rolling,

In healthy laughter,

As old etched face smiles,

Reaching out his withered hand,

Taking hold and laughing with him,

In life they shared,

In life they watched,

The joy of being a good kid,

The tears that hide behind the secret doorways,

The pain of loss,

The healthy success of hard work,

Seeing it all inside his vision,

His magic crystal ball,

His hard working hands,

Often holding hammer,

While stifling a laugh,

Finding himself calling ELF,

Much more these days,

As he dreams on of joining his dear friend,

That he watched from afar,

On his fair crystal ball.

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