I see It in the rearview mirror,

It stands shrouded in past memories,

Its attire laughing at my soul,

Its ravaged life,

Its savage strife,

Its destructive nature,

its hollowed persona,

Its staring at me,

Its staring into my soul,

Its desire to conquer me,

Its horrible strategy,

It cannot stand,

I won’t bear defeat,

I won’t stand down,

I won’t back off,

I am strong in my stance,

I will fight,

I will win,

Defeat not an option,

I will conquer this life,

I am a man,

I am honorable,

I am couragous,

I hold integrity dear to my heart,

Life in the background,

I cannot stand idly by,

I cannot stand to let Its horrific ideas,

tear me into the shreds It desires of me,

It will not win,

I will stand victorious,

I will shout my battle cry,

Stand and Fight!

Stand and Fight to the end!

Stand and Fight I will!

Stand and Fight I am!

I am the pending doom It will swallow,

I will stand atop life,

It will not pull me down,

I will push through,

I am the dedicated,

I am the powerful,

I am a man in my own nature,

I have the key to outlast,

Its very nature.

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