The poppy seed child,

Lay her seed,

There she lay,

Under mid-afternoon sun,

Water can in hand,

Sun hat a drift on the breeze,

Blowing her seed across the field,

To lay and land and grow.

As she grew older,

The pavers came,

Laying brick upon brick,

Of yellow solid gold,

Leading to the far away,

Emerald city of old,

In ruins it had lain,

Torn and brittle.

As the years drifted,

A man, fair and thin,

Happy demeanor with hardened exterior,

Walked on by,

AS the poppy seed child lay about,

Watching her seedlings,

Horse play away,

On their beds of dirt.

He offered her a wish,

And a wish she had,

That her poppies might forever,

Guard the way,

The golden road,

To the Emerald City of olden days,

That forever they may be hearlded,

As it’s guardians.

A wish granted,

And as time passed,

She grew older,

Till one day,

She passed away,

Never a time were the poppies so sad,

The mourned her passing,

And buried her in their most prized soil.

Years passed and wizard aged,

The man who granted the poppy seed girl’s,

grandest wish and desire,

The field, it blossomed,

For it grew off the love,

That would forever reside,

In the bones of the poppy seed girl,

Fueling the prettiest of blossoms.

Then they heard it,

From out of the woods,

A lovely song,

From a lonely girls heart,

Of courage and love and brains,

What better to take the place,

As their guardian,

And they let out their lovely scent.

Luring the girl to sleep,

In the churning of time,

The heart of one,

Called to all their conscience,

And they called out,

The good witches hearing their call,

Coming to their aid,

Rescuing them and the beautiful girl.

A promise forever made to them,

That the poppy children,

Would forever be looked upon,

With favor and beauty,

Their colors cherished forever,

Memorialized in the hearts,

Of children stories,

And to this day, their seeds blow about every May.

(Fan Art: All credit for the original story, rights, copy right, ect, go to the creator and author of The Wizard of Oz)

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