Releasing powerful attacks,

Breaking stone over stone,

Unbearable testimony to the mighty,

Judged from the judgement seat,

Highest authority leans down,

Finger squishing me to the ground,

Heavy metal sounds,

Grinding gears mash and ground,

The demonic into ash,

As judgement settles,

Authority unleashes,

Light flashes,

Stones uncover hidden masses,

Fallen angels attack,

Unbearable evil lashes out,

Striking black,

Uncovered sin falls to the floor,

In a shoot they unleash,

The power of the damned,

On the all powerful,

Mighty, stone,

As the ashes clear,

Alone stands a star,

In the hand of a god,

Choking and grasping,

Claws attempting to free itself,

As the last light dawns,

In fallen angels eyes,

Cast down into lake,

Brimstone forever it’s demise.

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