Driven down the road,

Talking to Tod n Charlie,

Driving down the road,

Waving to the woman on the Harley,

Driving to town,

Popping champaign and eating some Hardies,


Hamburgler robbed me and my woman,

As we were driving down the highway,

Waving at the dude who stole our Harley,

Picnicking all day long,

Till the rain clouds blow in,

Drowning us like rats in New York City,

Riding the subway,

Hitching a cab out of the city,

Frolicking along the Cat-skills,

Looking for Rip Van Winkle,

Falling asleep under the stars,

Magical creatures come out and dance,

Stealing my woman away from me,

Off she goes,

Fading into the foggy haze,

Hazel eyes, brown hairs, and taongas for days,

Lost on the last cloudy day of May.

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