Camel over hallowed vale,

Dune of scarcity,

Looming doom, full of empty rooms,

Dust filled caverns,

Traffic at a stand still,

No water, no fuel, food to scarce to consume,

Onwards through steel vale,

Whistling winds and poisonous fumes,

Overtaking store front fare,

Danger whispers on the air,

Shifting, breaking, popping,

Hissing from below,

Gun shots ring in the air,

The fare ablaze with a fury of activity,

Critters scatter everywhere,

Somewhere on the air a biker gang fuels their anger,

A hail storm of bullets ripping apart,

The valiant, lonely city, isolated from the world,

Far apart after the despair,

Of missile fire and destruction,

Booming power that never leaves the ears,

As dreams consume the missiles,

And tears float away the dead,

On rivers far out to sea,

Famine spreading outwards,

Leaders drowning in crisis,

Criticism drowning far away air waves,

As propaganda falls from the air,

Pamphlets of hate and retribution,

Floating to every little ear,

As their small eyes watch the adults tear their world apart,

Peace torn from innocent hands,

Leaving crying shells of haunted bodies,

As God takes their happiness to shelter it from our attrocities.

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