Saint Like Pockets of America

Living patient, saint like, Apostle cause,

Shooting the shit with Jesus,

Be like Holy osmosis,

Raise on cross,

Biting tongue and cheek, turning head,

Being beat on both cheeks,

Apostles be like, Holy man on lost cause,

Living Pharisee life,

Full of law empty of grace,

Can’t battle face to face,

Sending Cult leaders in their place,

Whatever for a dollar,

Holy plate passed around,

Greedy hands taking from silver plate,

Silver spoon born in hand,

Most Saint’s running back room booze bars,

Holy water on tap,

Blood wine running by appointment.

Saved by the gold in your pocket,

Donating freely for your souls free salvation,

Awkward moment, finding self on the street,

Suffering from starvation,

Preacher man driving by,

On Stallion Wagon wheels,

Happy birthday, looking up to the sky,

Raining down on Christmas Day,

Oh, what a messed up Holy Day,

Full of Temple Yard Salesmen,

Filling up their hampers,

With the bread of followers,

Breadbaskets offered up to the sky,

In return a Porsha for their birthday.

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