Black Water Swamp

Chillen out, cruising the Black Water Swamp,

Horseflys size of a fifty-cal bullet,

Raised pick-up, pieced together Chevy,

Mullets on the run from the law,

Amps and pickups, metal head heavy,

Everyone punching each other in the jaw,

Straight up, straight to the head, straight to bed,

Falling over each other,

Swamp living, like fifty years old,

Living hand to hand, covered by mo-squit-oooos,

Heavy lifting, working hand by hand,

Rednecks sleeping in Chevy beds,

While Metal Man runs into the Head,

Gun shots ring out,

Fido chases Bambi, and that’s just the way,

It is, out in the Redneck lands,

Mosquito netting and electric lamps,

Living next to the hand dug Head,

While everyone rocks out to the country metal jam.

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