Rich n Poor

Sink that liver into the bank,

Drink bill drafts straight from the bank,

Spend all your bank,

Drink all your bank,

Deposit right into the drink,

All that and the kitchen sink,

Lost, oh, what a lost cause,

Let that sink in, cuz,

Sink that liver into the bank,

All your drinks down the kitchen sink,

Baking till your eyes red,

Two ounces, oil, swivel, send it to the bank,

Deposit till your eyes turn red,

Can’t walk straight,

Eyes red, fully baked,

Making deposits down at the bank,

Reaching into deep pockets,

Handing out pills in pamphletes,

Bouncing neighborhood party,

Base booms bouncing down,

HOA running, heads cut off like my chicken dinner,

Definitely ain’t no winner,

Drink down the throat,

Arguing as gin rains down,

Deepthroating bottle to the rim,

Ain’t nothing but a poor mans game,

Broke, still heading to the bank,

Sports car while overdrawn,

Step to step with the man,

White collar, blue stained,

Taking it to the head,

No matter how many dollars in the billet.

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