Next Round

Worlds collide, slide through the gaps,

Dressed down cordial,

Cherries popping all around you,

Unable to lie, life pronounces death and destruction,

Faith, what can that do for you,

Tell you what you can do,

Take that faith and hide it away,

Under bushel and barrel,

Death and violence, awards for the gods you follow,

Now bow down,

Vengeance and sorrow,

Becoming you, in your fowl spectacle,

Drawing laughter from all around you,

Dancing down Bourbon avenue,

Displayed in your nude splendor,

Sacrificed for your flock below you,

In all magnificent splendor,

Your nude apparel, apparent for everyone to see,

Who dares to walk the straight and narrow,

Lost in fog are your followers,

Down the path of the ancient in their morrow,

Rotted and passed away on times long interveals,

As we await the cycle to pass its next round.

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