Watching nothing be described,

Beautiful words full of empty illusion,

Drifting between worlds,

Full of optical evolution,

Tripping through a kaleidoscope of irrational thought,

Making sense of twisted worlds,

Brought to light through silver ponds,

Full of life,

Yet empty,

Strife filled plots,

Peace camped armies,

Full of ferocity,

In cities full of dull zomboids,

Intersecting reality,

Indirectly streaming through our psychic connection,

Psychedelic’s pulsing colors inspiring,

Nations to drift and meld,

One nature, one cost, one manipulator,

The Father of all time,

Lost on the long sea of gravety,

Waves flow and ebb,

As our reality twists,

The kaleidoscope twisting our true colors,

Turning us into the devil within.

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