Assassinator of Love

Take me to the firing field,

Blind fold hanging loose,

Your face I see behind ironsight,

20/20 in hindsight I’d rather be here today,

Facing you,

Facing me,

Gun aimed down range,

Steady, easy, breath out,

Hang loose and free,

Unlike me, your prisoner,

Captivate me,

Like you imprison me,

Take hold of me,

Bring me down range

Many men, steady their guns at me,

Aiming at my heart,

Everyday heart strings break,

In agony, over you and me,

What could of been,

That lazy day in May,

When we lay in bed together,

Our beds now miles apart,

Take me down to that range, baby,

Aim those ironsights at me,

Aim at my heart baby,

Take aim, and fire true, baby,

Dropping to cold concrete,

soul drifting away,

Looking down on another cold May day,

Tissues in hand you stand over me,

Kicking away at my soulless body,

Anger issued at me,

For crimes I may, or, may not have committed,

Laying there cold,

Drifting away,

Harp in hand,

Breath held as I play my part,

Playing endless tune for all eternity.

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