Stuffed Bear

Take you time,

Sit down and listen to my rhyme,

As I say these words in rythm,

To the blowing wind,

Stressed, pressured, about to burst,

Life can’t get much worst,

Oh wait,

It just did,

Voices, they speak to me within,

No wait, did I just admit that outloud?

No, no they don’t,

Wait, yes they do.

Wait, I’m just kiddin’ with ya,

Y’all be lettin’ me mess with ya,

Let’s just ride down to tha’ board walk,

Spend a ‘g’ and talk,

You and me baby,

Spinning on that dance floor,

Bouncing and hitting that score board,

Teddie bear for my number one lady.

(Inspired by Jay-Z & Linkin Park in their colab, Collision Course)

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