Run & Be Free

Over me you stand,

Hatchet in hand,

Broiling with hatred,

Me lost in confusion,

Wondering when death may come,

Faced with uncertainty,

Situation unclear, you walk away,

Returning momentarily,

Ensuring I’m ensnared in your spell,

Dragging me down the hall,

My yelling ringing on deaf ears,

Playing poker with my life,

Praying for the ‘Ace of Spades’,

Hit after hit,

Strike after strike,

Splashing myself here and there,

Across hallway and threshold,

Now seeing clearly,

A jealous tick gone wrong,

If only, some clarity had been sought,

My life might not have been for naught,

Messages half read,

Leaving behind the jewels and gifts,

Bought for you,

And plans made,

Misinterpreted by you,

Now I lay splayed out for all to see,

Flashing lights in the background,

Run my love,

For I forgive your betrayal,

Run and be free.

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