“Death and life are forces of our world. They rise and ebb like the tide. Think on this, and you will no longer desire revenge, only peace.”

Necromancer, Diablo III, Blizzard, Bastion’s Keep Stronghold, (Small Boy)

What a powerful quote from a video game. Many believe video games are a waste of time and resources. I believe those people don’t see the value in the moral and the depth of creativity developers put into their creations. I’ve been left with numerous lessons about life and culture through my video game hobby.

This quote in particular hit me to my core because it speaks to my youth. For a long time I yearned to see those who hurt me suffer the same or worse. I’m not an old man, but in my mature wisdom I only seek peace now. I strive to avoid drama. It is not worth my limited time on this zooming ball of dirt to waste it seeking someone else’s demise.

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