No Quarter to Spare

Change to see pain, Cryin’ to hear jingle, Jane, Jangle, Change deep in pocket, Enough quarters to continue, Playin’ this game, Extra life hanging, Above spawn point, Enemy, bang bang, Perfect score, leader on, International scoreboard, Quarter after quarter, Emptying pocketbook allowance, All that loose change, Not a quarter to spare, no not a dime!

Vivi, Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is pretty significant to me. It kept my best friend and shipmate busy during our long deployment during OIF and OEF. The rare moments we got to ourselves we would load FFIX into my PlayStation 1 and have a blast. We beat it together underway, and it has to be one of…


“Death and life are forces of our world. They rise and ebb like the tide. Think on this, and you will no longer desire revenge, only peace.” Necromancer, Diablo III, Blizzard, Bastion’s Keep Stronghold, (Small Boy) What a powerful quote from a video game. Many believe video games are a waste of time and resources….