(Matt 23:11) [Jesus Christ said…]

The greatest among you shall be your servant.

1. Sproul, R. C., “”What Is the Trinity” (2011), Published by Reformation Trust Publishing a division of Ligonier Ministries, Sanford, FL. Kindle Version

Think of great leaders, they thought of their people and cared for them. In the Navy we Petty Officers are taught to take care of our Sailors like they are our own family. We endure with them, and mentor them, we give of ourselves, our time, and strengths in order to mold them into exemplary sailors who will turn into great Petty Officers. In order to be great they must not only care about themselves and their career progression, but also the sailor under them, to help the junior sailors grow and mature into what they aspire to be. Thus, perpetuating the cycle of great leadership.

I had a couple great leaders while in the military, 2 great Chiefs, and 3 or 4 great Chaplains. Serving abroad the best example was in Africa. Watching the Chaplain work through the leadership of the African villages. Serving the villages by being an intermediator between them and the upper command, as well as working towards bringing cultural understanding and charitable deeds to the people. We worked hard that deployment, giving of ourselves to the people and leadership. None of us in our command circle were either self serving or selfish of what we gave of ourselves.

There is always sacrifice and compromise when one finds themselves as a leader. Often leader’s families suffer the brunt of sacrifice and compromise. Finding their loved ones thousands of miles away, distanced by time zones, and communication blackouts. Which is why true leaders in the military will not only focus on the Sailors readiness, but also on the Sailor’s family readiness. It is no good to have an E-2 worrying about his pregnant wife at home, without support. In order for the E-2 to be ready and in peak combat effectiveness the Petty Officers must observe, inquire, and help their juniors find the resources available to them.

Being a great Sailor is more than meeting physical fitness requirements, great evaluations, awards, or promotion opportunities. Those things come from being a great leader and exemplifying what it means to be an outstanding sailor. A shining example to junior sailors of what to strive to achieve. For those truly great sailors they will fight for their juniors and be champions of Honor, Courage, & Commitment. Maintaining integrity and being just. In order that they may serve themselves, family, command, and juniors alike.

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