Never thought I’d see this in Texas. Green leaves covered by 12″ icicles. I’m amazed.

This year is a repeat of 2020, empty markets, hard times, deaths, & Government snafus’.

According to the local media some Texans are being charged $17,000 for electricity because the Government increased the price per MW from $50 to into the thousands, so the electricity companies are passing that cost onto the customer. The incentive of the increase was to push the companies to increase more power, and then the companies turned around and greedily pushed it onto their customers.

With one of the largest home and rental insurance claims incident to ever hit Texas, and the problem not ending with the thaw, Texans are in a heap of trouble. Imagine, the pipes thaw, weather warms up, mold starts to grow, and now your home is ruined.

I am amazed.

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