Light bursts through the dark,

Spreading as melting ice on a windshield

Washing out the blackness,

Filling the void with living light,

Slowly drifting across the opening scene

A snow flake flowing in a swift cold breeze

Lazily landing in a bed of glowing white

Fresh smelling air

Filling the lungs with cold and flair

Lightening crashes among the synapses

Senses firing off

Cold filling the mind with electronic signals

Chicken skin running down arms,

Hair standing a flair and on fire

Tree’s glistening with frozen ice,

crackling and swaying in the breeze,

Achoo, sneeze, hack, myst beckoning thee

A hut in the distance,

Smoke blowing on the steady breeze,

Cool air raining down,

Heavenly stars staring upon

The stark nude man running bare,

In the open night air,

Tree’s flashing by, alight by fairie light,

Glittering by way of moonlight,

Keeping the night bright,

Snow crunching underfoot,

Swiss, Slosh, Posh, Plosh,

Plop, Dwlop, Flop, Duwap,

Cold bare feet,

Grabbing at the icy dash,

Body yearning for the ghostly heat,

Radiating from the spectrally cabin,

Falling against the door,

Foot sliding in cold crisp snow,

Crunching his way

Till the door gives way by way of his

hard, dodger head

Fire ahead,

Under dark dark robes,

A light in the chair,

Turned before him,

Glowing feet,

A stuttering heartbeat,

Giving growth to heart, and fear at start

Lifted, seated, fed, and watered

Given shelter, heat, bread, and water,

Be still my child,

Have a seat,

Eat my food,

And drink my wine,

Sit child, and be still.

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