It has been two weeks since I logged into any social media account of mine and the freedom I feel is almost overwhelming me. I didn’t realize how entrapped I was in the social agendas. The negativity filter is slowly lifting from my mind. Somehow I got entangled in the drama, what did this social media giant say, or what did the little independent news journalists say today. How did the President affect our country today? What new spin is there on social justice and stimulus monies? Being free of the constant bombardment has helped free my creative spirit and given me hope for mankind. Yes, I really do think social media is turning into a very negative tool for society. It has it’s uses, but it seems that negativity has overtaken the positive spin by leaps. Between my aunts newest recipe fascination and political talk, I don’t find much in-between that truly tells me how she is doing. It is my belief that social media is our make-up face to the world. We put the most positive spin on our lives, never telling how much were hurting inside. Forbid, one of us does put a toe out of line and say how depressed were doing, or how hurt we are. We may at first get the flood of, “oh are you okay? I’m always here to talk,” posts. It’s mostly never true though, try to talk to one of them about problems and they spin it as your a complainer or some other negative term. Which is quite funny, because were posting something negative about our lives somewhere where negativity is praised; but, we are chastised to have something negative going on in our lives, mind, etc. that is beyond our control. I know experiences differ, but this has been my experience. I hope yours might be different than mine. If it is, or you agree, or have something to add, please post a comment below. I’m truly interested to learn how others around the world see social media. I don’t see this blog as social media, I see it as an art/writing outlet.

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