Walking is one of my favorite ways to pass away my time. I enjoy the air, sounds, breeze, and the current weather. Though, spring time is my favorite. I get to discover new life and explore as Winter’s death grasp is lifted from the world. The above photo was shot in South Carolina near one of my old apartments. The pier looks out over Charleston’s Bay and I lucked out to have been there on a quiet time of day. As I was returning home I was overtaken by the beauty of the pathway and thought it represented life in a way. A journey that starts wide and as I age narrows. I’m drawn to pathways in art. I especially love ones where the trees are full of blossoms, maybe they are falling and blowing in the wind, and I gaze down the trail in-between them. They always represent life to me. I’m thankful I was able to capture this photo that day.

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