Armature Photography

I decided to try something and wow, it turned out way better than I ever thought it would, especially with my armature eyes.


I’ve said all along in my blogs I love nature and walk abouts. Above are a few of the great photos I was able to take during my five mile hike today.


So alone in the golden field, Standing tall, streching your limbs, Glorifying heaven with your gaze held high, Sheltering the small animals who call you home. Your motherly characteristics shout loud throughout the year, Feeding and shading and who would find sanctuary with you. So beautiful and majestic you stand, Alone in the vast Virginia…


Walking is one of my favorite ways to pass away my time. I enjoy the air, sounds, breeze, and the current weather. Though, spring time is my favorite. I get to discover new life and explore as Winter’s death grasp is lifted from the world. The above photo was shot in South Carolina near one…