Thinking Out A Project

Raw emotion is a dangerous tool for me.  Emotion is the basis of my creativity.  My art is dependent on the mood I am in.  My mind uses my mood as a palate and my hand as a tool.

Today I am angry, torn, depressed, and enraged.  I feel like taking a pastel or tube of paint and squishing it all over a sheet of paper, smashing the color into the paper, rubbing it out and blending it with many others to create a palate of rage.  A smudge of yellow ocher, a dab of red.  Blend it all in a circle, pull it to the edges, mix some white and violet together and blend the rest of the background.  Possibly try out a new technique I’ve never tried before, washing the background with baby oil if I am using pastel.

Take a light gray and swirl it around the background in puffs, darkening the edges to make shadows.

Take a black piece and smear tiny hills on the bottom, rising and falling, varying shades of darkness.  Take a white piece and put hints of light, blending it to form gray mist.

Put a bird in the background flying off towards the light.  And close the project.

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