Character Development of Kelly

*Contains Spoilers to the first chapter*

Kelly came to me.  It was like an explosion inside of my head.  Suddenly there was this person with a lot of hurt that wanted to express it.  Her shape and form materialized much slower, but she eventually broke through the wall and stood in the mirror in my mind.  I visualize Kelly as being twenty-five, shapely, chubby, brown hair, hazel green eyes, standing 5 feet 7 inches.  She loves to wear sun dresses and large sun glasses.

Deeper elements of the character are that she lost her mother as a child and it deeply hurt the relationship between her and her father.  Due to this she dealt with a lot of strife in school.  Also related to her troubles her father had difficulty tending the farm and it forced them to move to a new school district.  She lost a lot of friends and was never able to make true friendship connections at the new school due to her depression.


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