My War

I sat in my chair,

Looking everywhere.

Reading line to line,

The poetry of time.

Missing everyone,

Trying out my love,

Forgiveness flowing through,

My heart breaking out of the cold stone box of life,

I thrust like the butterfly,

Cold stone flying bare,

Like the sin of my hand,

Coming out of hell’s sound gates,

Giants, and monsters,

Goblins and Ogres, trespassing in the realms of my imagination,

Marching with their war cry,

Honor or Die!  They sing aloud,

Marching on the gates of my soul,

I cry out to God,

One last and final plea,

I pray for forgiveness, and mercy,

And prepare to meet my maker,

Sword and shield in hand,

I fight man to man,

With the woes life has given,

I sing aloud my battle cry,

Life is to be won, not for love or honor,

But for me alone to live in harmony,

For no more hurt to surround me,

I will not surrender,

Nor will I succeed to anything less than victory,

This is my life,

My shadow,

My strife.

“I wrote this six years ago when I was going through my divorce.  I am glad to say that today I stand on the side of victory.”

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