Sanity’s Dream

To many darling things in my life happen to be little plastic things with eyes

They stare up at my in the dark and when the light goes on they scatter like roaches caught on fire

I woke up one night with a plastic He-man sitting on my chest holding his sword

He took my hand and led me to another room, into a land of fantasy

My head swam, my eyes bulged, I swear I felt a few ‘g’s’ as I came out of the portal at a 1000 miles an hour

For what its worth I still had my sanity, but I swung at the Bugbear as hard as I could

It barely budged and my hand hurt, probably a few broken bones

He-man, now the size of the Terminator swung his sword felling the monster, cleaving its head off

Now sprayed with blood, I seized my last moment of sanity

He-man smiled and winked, took my arm, and led me to an aircraft

We flew into the stars, everything grew hazy as the stars streamed past, little dots turning into lines

We popped out of the sky into a ragging battle, blaster bolts flying everywhere

One grazed our craft and the controls sizzled and sparked leaving the pilot slumped over the controls

Our downward descent was fast and out of control, we plummeted to the ground in a cloud of smoke

Human as I am I lifted my body from the tangle of other bodies and pushed my way out of the burning pit

I crawled to the foot of what I though was my savior, but the blaster pointed at my skull spoke volumes

Then everything in the world flashed and I felt a searing pain, I could only do what I assumed was scream

It was then that I awoke, pushed the blankets off of me and threw myself to my feet

I ran to the bathroom to stare in the mirror, ridged in shock

Running my hand over the back of my head I felt no wound

I stepped backward, but I felt a stabbing pain in my foot, I looked down and I had squashed the plastic He-man

I never figured out how he got there on the floor, nor how he got out of his plastic box

The mystery will forever haunt me, but the dreams get cooler every day and he even teaches me how to use his sword now


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